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I’ll Be Speaking at World Information Architecture Day 2017 in Okinawa!

It was only last year that I attended my first World Information Architecture Day. I was merely an attendee that time, but now, for my second World IA Day, I have a speaking slot!

You can view the abstract of my talk along with my bio at the official World IA Day website. If you happen to be anywhere near Okinawa a week from now, stop by! (If there ends up being a recording of the talk, of course I’ll upload it on this blog.)

Lessons from World Information Architecture Day 2016 @ Ann Arbor

A buddy and I stopped by the University of Michigan this past Saturday to attend Ann Arbor’s World Information Architecture Day. The all-day event was full of enlightening talks and generous giveaways. Below are the tweets I was able to send out before my phone died, as well as others’ tweets that I found enjoyable or insightful.

The day’s schedule:

Understanding how each part of UX fits together… as a unicorn!

On the “IA Wall” outside the auditorium, attendees were encouraged to write on a Post-it note what information architecture means to them. Perhaps the most satisfying moment of the day was this appreciation for my contribution:

Lessons From the Making Learning Accessible Conference 2015 @ MSU

One of the benefits of living in a university town is that conferences come to you. Just this week there were not one but two usability conferences in the building literally across the street from where I live. Here are my tweets from one of them – the first (annual, hopefully) Making Learning Accessible conference at Michigan State University.