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“DITA Isn’t for Everyone (And Here’s Why)” – My Talk at ConVEx 2021

I had a fun time recording and presenting this talk alongside my Precision Content colleague and former University of Toronto professor Keith Schengili-Roberts for ConVEx 2021. Keith talked about the “the business of DITA,” touching on those industry sectors where DITA works best and where other structured authoring standards make more sense. I come in the second half to talk about “DITA and its Discontents,” or why teams abandon DITA and what sorts of opportunities for improvement lie on the DITA 2.0 horizon.

“Landing an Information Architecture (IA) Job in 2021” – My Talk at World IA Day Toronto 2021

World IA Day 2021. Local Connections. Global Impact. Toronto.

I had a great time at the virtual World IA Day Toronto 2021 event that took place last Saturday, where I was asked to present a lightning talk about finding an information architecture job in the current market. Since all of the lightning talks were prerecorded, I can easily share with you the video of my ~8 minute presentation. The local WIAD team even manually captioned my video, which is beyond awesome. I can’t wait for next year, but in the meantime you can check out my talk below.

“Meaningful Arrangements” – My Talk at World Information Architecture Day 2017 in Okinawa

Want to hear me talk about UX in both Japanese and English?

The organizers of World Information Architecture Day 2017 in Okinawa uploaded footage of the event to YouTube. It’s got some audio issues, but nothing major. My talk begins at 1:11:24.

You can view my slides from the talk below:


Life After JCMU

Last week, I visited my study abroad alma mater, the Japan Center for Michigan Universities, to talk and answer questions about the JET Program, reverse culture shock, and life “after Japan.” (I’m just glad I made it through the whole thing without once using the JET cliche, “Every situation is different.”)

No recording of the talk exists, but the director of the center snapped a picture before I left.

“10 Things That Surprised Me About Japan” Speech

Last month I was invited to give a speech at the “Japanese Language Speech Gathering” in Yatsushiro. I was told to speak on something lighthearted, so I took the occasion to talk about what I anticipated would be an entertaining topic for the audience of mostly older, rural Japanese folks: a Buzzfeed-style list of the the “10 Things That Surprised Me About Japan.” Among my choices: alcohol vending machines posted outside of elementary schools, TVs installed in the dashboards of cars, the lack of hand soap and towels in public restrooms, and the bizarre pervasiveness of the 60s pop song “Daydream Believer” in the entire nation’s 7/11 stores.

A small excerpt of the talk was uploaded to YouTube:

For those interested, I’ve included the draft of the speech that I carried with me to the stage: