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About Me

I am a UX/content strategist who worked with Sundog, an American marketing and technology company, before coming to Japan on the JET Program. I have consulted for a food startup and co-authored scholarly research on UX published by the Special Interest Group on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC).

My Current Work

In July 2017, I returned to the United States after a year working in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher in the JET Program. Soon after, I found a job as an Assistant Web Content Publisher at the Chicago-area marketing agency Launch Digital Marketing. I also took on a volunteer Content Strategist role at an education non-profit called Brighter Children.


The best way to reach me is to fill out the contact form below. Alternatively, you can message me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Let’s get in touch!


At Sundog (Fargo, ND) giving a presentation on global content strategy.

At Sundog (Fargo, ND) giving a presentation on global content strategy

Nihongo Speech Taikai

In Yatsushiro, Japan while on the JET Program, giving a speech about aspects of Japan that surprised me

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