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  • That Sound Looks Good

    That Sound Looks Good

    Recently I discovered an incredible mix from the electronic artist Nitepunk; it’s a recording of a live show at DEF in Atlanta, GA. Nitepunk strings together relentless, heavy dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass tracks for an hour. It’s honestly inspiring me to want to get back into DJing. Thanks to its incredibly talented userbase, I… Continue reading

  • My Top Songs of 2022 (According to Spotify)

    My Top Songs of 2022 (According to Spotify)

    I don’t update this blog often, but when I do, there’s a strong chance that it’s December and I’m back to share my most-played songs of the year. As in previous editions, I will follow these three rules: Last year I lamented that out of my 100 most-played tracks on Spotify, a grand total of… Continue reading

  • Stuck in My Head: Black Orchid Empire – Singularity

    Stuck in My Head: Black Orchid Empire – Singularity

    This song is incredible no matter how many times I listen to it. It’s been a huge source of sonic inspiration for my own guitar noodling. I love how the massive guitar riff that kicks off the song comes back immediately after the chorus; it keeps the energy high, especially with those consistently head-bangable drums… Continue reading

  • My Top Songs of 2021 (According to Spotify)

    My Top Songs of 2021 (According to Spotify)

    I had fun writing about my favorite songs of 2020, so I wanted to do the same thing for this year. Same rules as last time: The ranking is determined by my personal Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist I will only count songs released in 2021 Only one song allowed per artist One problem – as… Continue reading

  • Stuck in My Head: BIA – WHOLE LOTTA MONEY

    Stuck in My Head: BIA – WHOLE LOTTA MONEY

    I didn’t expect this track to stay with me for so long, but since it’s been over a week since I’ve been humming lyrics about putting on my jewelry simply to visit the bodega, I decided it’s time to write about BIA’s “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY.” The two-note sub bass line takes care of the hard-hitting,… Continue reading


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LavaCon 2023
October 14-17, 2023
San Diego, CA
“Microcontent Pipeline to Chatbots and Voice Assistants”

Use microcontent to put your team in the driver’s seat to the next level of content publishing for intelligent chatbots. By now reality has revealed that ChatGPT is not ready to write our product documentation for us. With no control over what the publicly-trained models scrape from our websites and blogs and how it assimilates our documentation with other less-authoritative sources, we’re left to wonder where we go next. If we want reliable bots, we’ll need to train our own models and deploy them to our staff and our customers. Let us show you what we’ve learned so far.


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