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  • Elon Musk Laughed

    Elon Musk Laughed

    Elon Musk is like a real life Ayn Rand protagonist. While many critics of Twitter’s inequitable content moderation policies have proposed amending Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act so that Twitter and other social media giants are recognized as publishers rather than platforms, Musk circumvented that less-than-ideal solution entirely. He did the thing that… Continue reading

  • Is This Half-And-Half Cream Expired?

    Is This Half-And-Half Cream Expired?

    The day is April 4. I extract the half-and-half cream carton from the work mini-fridge and prepare to unscrew the cap when I notice the expiration date printed at the top. “MA 14.” I stop. Is that March 14 or May 14? Both months begin with the letters “MA.” Both dates seem plausible when I… Continue reading

  • I Thought It Meant “Dis I Like”

    I Thought It Meant “Dis I Like”

    It’s been a little over a month since YouTube removed public dislike counts on all videos. Soon after this pronouncement, I noticed an interesting phenomenon begin to occur in the comments sections of YouTube videos. Users started making their own “dislike buttons.” Other users simply left one word comments that said… you guessed it. As… Continue reading

  • Thoughts on WIAD Rebrand 2021

    Thoughts on WIAD Rebrand 2021

    Towards the end of July, I received an email from the newly created WIAD Organizer Alumni newsletter. I learned that the Global Board is looking for input into a rebranded name and tagline, since both the event and the nonprofit entity behind it exist as separate but identically named entities. The email linked to a… Continue reading

  • The Design of Understanding

    The Design of Understanding

    Last month I visited my family in America for the first time in quite a while. I didn’t bring any books with me so that I might instead read something from my stateside shelf. Richard Saul Wurman’s Information Architects immediately stood out. I hadn’t actually read it cover-to-cover until then. With many of its 232… Continue reading

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STC Rochester Webinar
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LavaCon 2023
October 14-17, 2023
San Diego, CA
“Microcontent Pipeline to Chatbots and Voice Assistants”

Use microcontent to put your team in the driver’s seat to the next level of content publishing for intelligent chatbots. By now reality has revealed that ChatGPT is not ready to write our product documentation for us. With no control over what the publicly-trained models scrape from our websites and blogs and how it assimilates our documentation with other less-authoritative sources, we’re left to wonder where we go next. If we want reliable bots, we’ll need to train our own models and deploy them to our staff and our customers. Let us show you what we’ve learned so far.


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