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  • BTS Just Dropped a Meal

    BTS Just Dropped a Meal

    Hey, did you hear? BTS just dropped a meal. I remember when meals were something that were cooked, prepared, or maybe in rare circumstances “released.” But dropped? That’s new. “Isn’t that just the Chicken McNuggets meal?” No, it’s the BTS Meal. There’s a difference. For one, it has exclusive sauces (which I didn’t even get… Continue reading

  • Where Has Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms Gone? (No, Literally)

    Where Has Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms Gone? (No, Literally)

    Earlier this week I wrote about the worst 404 page of all time, but today I’m writing about one of the most concerning 404 pages I’ve come across in a while. You can play along at home. Step 1: Visit the “Treaties, laws and regulations” page on the Government of Canada website. Step 2: Click… Continue reading

  • The New Scissors and Ink

    The New Scissors and Ink

    Actions have consequences, no matter what. But the modern day architectures of information in which we carry out our many of our day-to-day actions have a tendency to obfuscate and distort our perceptions of those consequences, and indeed even the true nature of the actions themselves. Continue reading

  • Beans & Rice, Rice & Beans

    Beans & Rice, Rice & Beans

    My latest habit while under COVID lockdown is to marathon YouTube clips from The Dave Ramsey Show. It’s true. Each clip is equal parts entertaining and enlightening. Dave Ramsey, financial guru, takes phone calls from people facing money problems and offers his simple but direct advice. Many times the caller’s issue is out-of-control debt, but… Continue reading

  • Oops! Let’s Try That Again

    Oops! Let’s Try That Again

    While I think the policy prescriptions in COVID-19: The Great Reset are… misguided, to put it nicely… I do see some value in reading this book if only so that you can better understand the mindset of the man who chairs the World Economic Forum and is occasionally photographed dressed like some sort of Mortal… Continue reading

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“Microcontent Pipeline to Chatbots and Voice Assistants”

Use microcontent to put your team in the driver’s seat to the next level of content publishing for intelligent chatbots. By now reality has revealed that ChatGPT is not ready to write our product documentation for us. With no control over what the publicly-trained models scrape from our websites and blogs and how it assimilates our documentation with other less-authoritative sources, we’re left to wonder where we go next. If we want reliable bots, we’ll need to train our own models and deploy them to our staff and our customers. Let us show you what we’ve learned so far.


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