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Josh Anderson’s Guide to Cryptocurrency YouTubers

There’s no shortage of pundits in the YouTube cryptocurrency scene. Some investigate ICOs, others agonize over financial graphs, and others put their own spin on the news of the day. But it’s not – how shall I say this – the most egalitarian landscape in terms of intelligence (or entertainment value), so allow me to exhibit my “proof-of-having-watched-lots-of-YouTube” and tell you which ones are actually worth following.

CryptotubeSunny Decree
I respect Sunny’s hustle – the guy puts out content every day, but it’s hard to forgive him after he was exposed for being a paid ICO shill. While I never get the feeling that he really knows what he’s talking about, Sunny can be mildly entertaining depending on the topic.

Crypto Jedi
In the wake of the Bitconnect collapse, Crypto Jedi made some of the most thorough and entertaining takedowns of scammers like Craig Grant and Trevon James. Unfortunately, outside of that, his content rarely exhibits much depth beyond news regurgitation and “let’s look at CoinMarketCap today.”

tailopezTai Lopez
For all his talk of “knowledge,” Tai doesn’t seem to possess any technical know-how when it comes to crypto. That’s frustrating given his numerous interviews with legitimately smart people in the industry. Tai would do well to listen to his guests instead of butting in every 20 seconds to spout things like “you know what – we need to put PARENTING on the blockchain.”

cryptozombieCrypto Zombie
“K-dub” strikes me as dangerously naive (I can’t think of a single ICO he hasn’t described as “very cool”), but he’s got a friendly disposition and I enjoy leaving his voice on as background noise. Crypto Zombie is not technically knowledgeable in the slightest, but the kid’s got enthusiasm.

Doug Polk
Professional poker player Doug Polk has one of the most popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels due almost entirely to the fact that he edits jokes into his videos. Sure, most of his humor falls flat, but it’s the thought that counts. What bothers me about Doug Polk is how arrogant he can be when by his own admission he’s “not technical at all.” This is a guy who prints and sells shirts mocking CryptoNick for saying he doesn’t understand what a private key is, but I can almost guarantee if you sat Doug Polk down and asked him to articulate, say, the difference between a public key and a wallet address, Doug wouldn’t have a clue. In the words of Pulitzer laureate Kendrick Lamar: “Sit down, bitch! Be humble!”

cryptooracleCrypto Oracle
This guy focuses almost entirely on technical analysis, oftentimes buying what he must know to be shitcoins only because he believes the charts indicate they’ll appreciate soon. A smart kid, though.

A good entry point into crypto YouTube – Boxmining’s videos showcase moderate technical depth while remaining normie friendly. He’s amicable and stays out of drama. That said, if you ask me, his channel became less interesting when he decided to focus on daily news instead of in-depth analyses of altcoins…

Datadash has a large enough following to make a split-second cameo in John Oliver’s piece on cryptocurrency. Truth be told, I prefer Datadash less to other crypto YouTubers since his videos are often long slogs through charts and candlesticks, but he does have one of the more pleasant voices out of the people I’ve listed.

ryanxcharlesRyan X. Charles
I only recently started watching this guy’s content after seeing his face retweeted all over the place. A physics PhD dropout turned entrepreneur, Ryan has become perhaps the best Bitcoin Cash spokesperson out there. Unlike many on his side, his “big block” arguments are refreshingly free of name calling and hysterical rhetoric – and more importantly – rooted in the actual computer science. Definitely check out his channel if you want a nuanced understanding of the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash debate.

andreasAndreas Antonopoulos
One of the Bitcoin OGs. Seems to know as much about Bitcoin as any one person can. His videos are often deep dives into technical minutiae, but his maturity and passion make him an essential watch.

ivan on techIvan on Tech
I enjoy watching Ivan’s “Good Morning Crypto” news recap every day. He’s a smart, savvy kid with a great attitude. One of the few crypto YouTubers with actual blockchain programming ability.

richardheartRichard Heart
An eccentric weirdo who often arrives at moronic conclusions despite his clearly expansive intellect. From what I can tell, Richard Heart is a multi-millionaire hermit currently engulfed in some kind of nihilistic, blackpilled mental hellscape. However, he’s one of the few pundits who knows as much about technical analysis as he does about fundamental analysis. He’s not afraid to dive into petty drama, too, which is part of what makes his channel so damn entertaining. And unlike most crypto YouTubers, Richard Heart actually has the finance, economic, business and computer science chops to tear his opponents apart. Trust me, you’ll never THINK about buying IOTA again after listening to him.



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